THE KITCHEN | BEHNAM KAMRANI | Mohsen Gallery | 2010

Scrambled eggs Oil on canvas  100*200 cm

In everyday life, all of us spend some minutes or even some hours in the kitchen. Kitchen is a place full of utensils and materials to make different kinds of food. Our fathers considered sense of taste,aesthetically, lower and weaker than other senses.Hence, in classical painting, the artist who chose fruits and foods often considered worthless, until the age of materialism and revival of bodily thoughts,when the great painters worked on still life. That is the reason for appearance of still life in era of Qajar dynasty, because then one can see an epistemological break, and transformation of infinite concepts and eternal thoughts to a kind of materialism and paying attention to foods. Jean francois revel was one of the many artists who tried to prove that cooking is a kind of art and there were many others who tried to interpret cooking as something interconnected to women’s art. Any way, nowadays, art is in a process of de-identification of the semantic halo which was over the head of fine arts for  centuries. In kitchen, different aspects of every culture are considerable. The foods obviously symbolize the rituals and customs of societies. Living in the kitchen is related to sexuality, architecture, and spatial functions, and it is a great context to think about time. In this exhibition you encounter to a place which is familiar to everyone, but now, thanks to artistic procedure, has gained new aspects and has been de-identified.This subject has been latent in many artistic works, and now it has the first role.